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Love What Matters #life "How was I soo busy all day and nothing is done?? 😉

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Questions to ask yourself when decluttering your home:

1. Have I used this item in the last 12 months?
2. Am I keeping this because I'm worried about wasting money?
3. Am I keeping this because it has sentimental value?
4. Does this sentimental item hold me back?
5. If I was seeing this item for the first time, would I buy it now?
6. Do I have other items that serve the same purpose?
7. Do I have plans to use this item in the near future?
8. Is this broken item really going to be fixed?
9. What can I do with these items?
#decrapifyinglife #declutter #uncluttered
marthastewart.com 12 Essential Laundry-Room Organizing Ideas Let's face it..... Not many of us enjoy doing laundry! Matter of fact I loathe it! If you have children, especially younger children, you probably do too. It seems to pile up right after you thought you concurred it all. Well, in my experience being organized or having a organized laundry room can make all the difference. It also helps to have a large laundry area. Isn't that every woman's dream? Or curse? 😂👀 Martha Stewart has a 12 essential laundry room organizing ideas that could work for you no matter how big or small your laundry room may be. #getorganized #makinglifesimple marthastewart.com The tasks of sorting, soaking, washing, drying, folding, and ironing can be performed just about anywhere in the house -- in a spacious laundry room or a hallway laundry nook -- as long as all of the things you need can be easily stashed away, ready for use at any time.
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If your kids are out of school for the summer and you’re wondering how you’re going to keep all their toys, books, craft supplies and other stuff from overtaking your house, we’re one step ahead of you. We at Polished have a 6 simple rules on how to keep kids’ toys organized all summer long!

Rule No. 1: Purge

Make sure to periodically go through your kids’ toys and remove items that are not being played with or are no longer age-appropriate.

Rule No. 2: Every Toy Needs a Home

Make sure that you have designated storage so that when the day is over, all toys can go back to their proper place.

Rule No. 3: Use Tall Containers for More Storage

Choose taller toy bins to store lots of larger toys while using less floor space.

Rule No. 4: Repurpose Unused Toys for Creative Purposes

Cleverly turn walk-behind wagon into a mobile bookshelf. Now, your little one can push their wagon anywhere he or she wants to read!

Rule No. 5: Find Smart, Portable Storage Solutions

Use an over-the-Door shoe rack to keep art supplies organized. Clip it to a hanger and you can move it around the house, storing it in a closet when craft time is over.

Rule No. 6: Store Vertically

An ingenious trick – clip stuffed animals to a length of plastic chain link and hang in a corner. You can store a lot of stuffed animals vertically, and your child can just grab what they want to play with off the lower links at any time.

So get to it! Use these tools to get the kids organized so that you can spend your summer kicking back in a well-organized home instead of tripping over toys!
Organizing tips from Polished.....

The more disorganized your house is, the harder it seems to muster the energy to whip it into shape. One solution: Break big projects down into small tasks so what seemed impossible becomes achievable.

Polished has a few tips to help maintain a clean and organized entry way to your home.

••Carve out drop zones. Place boxes for incoming and outgoing mail near the door, and make a perch for your keys.

••Pare down an overstuffed coat closet. Donate or toss little-used outerwear. Place fabric bins on the top shelf to stow hats, mittens and scarves, and a rack on the floor for boots and winter gear. If crowding is an issue, place off-season items in garment bags and store them.

••Stop shoe pileup. Research suggests that shoes can track pesticides, lead and other contaminants into your house. Keep slippers in containers and shoes in a cubby or under a bench.
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Cleaning your way!

No hidden fees! No contracts! Monthly, weekly, biweekly, and one time cleanings!

Open 7 days a week to fit your busy schedule.

We offer 10% discounts to the following:

Military, Law enforcement, Firemen, and Senior citizens (65 and older)
At Polished we know that the summer months can be hectic. Starting May thru August get $10 off your​ first clean. Because you probably already have your hands full!
[05/15/17]   Polished Cleaning provides professional, quality service at an affordable price. Cleaning services shouldn't cost you a fortune. At Polished we believe in cleaning your way.

Our service is consistent with each visit. At Polished we have designed unique packages based on the square footage of your home. You should never have to wait for an estimate, but always know what is included in our service and the price.

Services included in all packages:


Sanitize all counter tops and backsplashes
Wipe down cabinet Surfaces
Wash sink full of dishes
Wipe down exterior of all appliances
Clean the interior & exterior of microwave
Wash all floors, vacuum rugs
Scrub the sink area
Clean the stove top area
Tidy the eating area & clean furniture
Empty trash


Dust all furniture
Dust home decors
Vacuum carpet/area rugs/ floors
Mop floors
Shine all mirrors and glass surfaces
Empty trash


Basins, tubs showers
tile, tracks and doors
Vanity tops
Metal fixtures

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