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[12/29/20]   For decades, Stephanie has wished everyone a Happy Healthy New Year and this year it couldn't be more appropriate πŸ™‚ We will be closing early NYE, closed Saturday and reopen Monday Jan 4th as normal. Here's to a Happy Healthy 2021 ! 🍾πŸ₯‚πŸ₯³πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰
Our "essential" face masks 😷 have been very popular and have run out. We've been passing them out since Dec 1st. The jokes or funny comments write themselves πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ€£ We still have masks for our neighbor business Eyeluxe. Get one free with service at Essential or Eyeluxe while supplies last. If looking for last minute gift ideas, you can purchase online gift cards at Simply click on book your appointment and then click on gift cards. Gift cards for Essential Salon are not available online.
Hello all, we have appointments available on Christmas Eve and left plenty of room for walk-ins but keep in mind we will close early. Normal hours for us today Tuesday the 22nd, and tomorrow Wednesday the 23rd. Closed on Christmas. We reopen as normal Saturday Dec 26th. Merry Christmas everyone πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„
[12/03/20]   Pro tip: Up until around Dec 15th and16th it has historically generally been slower and quieter at Essential. If you can, avoid coming in closer to the holidays up to and including New Years. Fridays are generally pretty easy, while Saturday mornings and day being the busiest. Thursday afternoons also tend to be busy as people mistakenly try to avoid Fridays, which as we said are generally pretty easy to walk in with little or no wait. Hope this helps you plan on when to come in 😷
Disney obsession 🀩
[11/27/20]   Hope everyone had a great safe Thanksgiving. 2020 has been tough, but still plenty to be thankful for. We reopen at 12 noon today.
[11/23/20]   No need to shop online or elsewhere for the best deals ! Thru Saturday we have a special Black Friday promo for in stock hair salon products.

Buy 1, get 10% off.
Buy 2, get 15% off.
Buy 3 or more, get 20% off.

This is in addition to the tax savings we already give you. This is valid for any in stock hair related product including Moroccanoil, Brazilian Blowout, Redken, Pureology, brushes, curling and flat irons, etc. No need to get hair service. Please be sure to mention this post before getting rung up for promo validation. Happy Shopping !
[11/19/20]   Hello Essential friends and family. As Thanksgiving quickly approaches during these crazy corona times, our well wishes are for everyone to be safe and hopefully celebrate and give thanks with their loved ones. This past weekend we installed new improved air purifiers in our AC units. These should help reduce viruses, bacteria and allergens. We have been fortunate that to date we have not had any Covid-19 cases for employees and clients that we are aware of, nor do we hope to ever have any. Obviously we cannot guarantee no one ever gets sick, but we are doing our best to comply with LA state board regulations and apply common sense practices. Once again we hope everyone has a great and safe Holiday season. For those planning ahead, we will be closed Thanksgiving day and reopen on Black Friday at 12 noon. πŸ—πŸ—πŸ˜·πŸ˜·
We will open tomorrow Saturday morning 9am as normal. Our power has been restored. Have a Spook-tacular weekend πŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸŽƒ
[10/29/20]   Like many of you, we have no power at Essential. We will announce on FB once we are open and we will call to reschedule appointments. No need to leave voicemails. Truly hope everyone is safe.
[10/28/20]   We are now closed for Hurricane Zeta. We expect to be open tomorrow Thursday morning as normal. Hope everyone stays safe 😷
Black and Gold #saints or early Halloween πŸŽƒ nails ?
Flu shot day at Essential for clients and staff. Trying to be responsible members of the community 😷
[09/06/20]   Hope everyone is having a safe Labor day weekend. We will be closed tomorrow Labor Day Monday and resume normal operations on Tuesday 😷 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
We could always use a little sparkle in our lives... #sculpturedGel with extensions at Essential πŸ’…
[07/23/20]   Reminder that we are back to our normal booking and walk-in policy at Essential. Some key and helpful info about how we operate at Essential to help you plan, particularly during these Corona times.

Walk-ins for nails and hair are WELCOME any day we're open. We always try to leave room for walk-ins by not over booking just like a restaurant might.

Nail Spa appts Mon - Thurs.
Hair Salon appts Mon - Sat.
Fri - Sat walk-ins ONLY for nails.

Friday is generally little to no wait and runs pretty smooth. Normally better to come Friday vs Saturday, if that's an option for you. Saturday has historically been the busiest day, particulary when we open in the morning. Saturday is also typically the busiest day for hair and does get booked up.

Generally mid mornings and mid afternoons are the least busy times.

As a courtesy please call during business hours to cancel or reschedule any appointments. We understand things come up but please don't be a no call or no show.

Hope this helps some of you in your planning on when to come in. Overall it's been pretty smooth for us and our clientele. We thank our dedicated staff and our clients for this. Let's stay helathy together 😷

❀ Essential
[07/16/20]   Hope everyone is well during these challenging times. The LA state Board of Cosmetelogy requires NO FOOD or DRINKS in the salon working areas. This is being enforced. You can have a drink outside or in your car before your service or in between your services. Also, only clients or guests allowed in the salon who are getting serviced. Come ALONE. Please plan appropriately. Thanks for your continued cooperation. Thankfully we haven't had any real issues. We have the BEST CLIENTS. Together we will get through all this. πŸ˜·πŸ™πŸ˜Š
[07/02/20]   Wishing everyone a happy safe July 4th πŸŽ† We will be closed Independence day and Monday July 6th. Normal operating hours tomorrow Friday July 3rd. We re-open Tuesday.
[06/02/20]   Hi everyone ☺ As you've likely heard on the news, Louisiana is moving into phase2. Essential will be doing waxing services starting this Friday. As before the shutdown, we will not be taking appointments for only a wax service, but they can be booked in addition to a hair, nail, or pedi service. If you're already in the salon and hadn't previously booked a waxing service, you can ask if we may be able to fit you in for a wax service. Doesn't hurt to ask, but please understand we may not be able accomodate you last minute, so ideally please book it ahead of time along with your hair, nail, or pedi service 😷
[05/28/20]   Hello all. We continue to operate within Phase 1 guidelines. We had been preparing to re-open since we shut down March 17, a week early, when we erred on the side of caution. As many of you have already seen, we made some light renovations in the salon - cosmetic and/or functional. Some things are obvious, some are subtle, and some not noticed easily or at all. For example, we fine tuned our HVAC system. At Essential we have four separate HVAC units totaling close to 20 tons of AC which operate under negative pressure. We are constantly exhausting out the indoor air, thus always having an influx of fresh air. It's costly to operate, but it works for us and hopefully adds to your comfort and well being and could
aid in mitigating the spread of Covid-19. We've had the salon professionally cleaned a few times and we will continue practicing our enhanced sanitation procedures.

We sincerely thank everyone who has been coming. If unsure if it's safe for you, common sense should prevail. Please refrain from making appointments if you can't keep them. If you know you are immune-compromised or have aggravating underlying issues, you should simply minimize your risks. If still unsure, consult a medical professional. Thank you for your compliance and cooperation allowing us to continue to operate. Have a great weekend and see you soon 😷
[05/18/20]   We had a successful first day reopening yesterday. Thank you for putting your trust in us and in complying with the phase 1 guidelines. We are back to answering our phone during our normal business answers. If calling to book an appointment please avoid calling at 9am when we are opening and when are closing down. We are quite busy at those times. We want to remind you to remain in your car and call us before entering. You could even call when you are nearby. Also keep in mind not to be all hot and sweaty as you can easily show a high temp which would cancel your appointment. Tip: Have the AC running in the car. Thanks again and look forward to seeing you back 😷
[05/12/20]   Hello again ! Please read the previous post if you haven't already and then read this post completely and carefully. Please be considerate and patient with our staff and each other. You may not be able to get your favorite nail tech exactly when you want but we will always try to accommodate everyone as best as we can. If we can't, there is no point in arguing with whomever answered the phone nor contacting a nail tech or stylist. They don't control the appointments. We will start answering phones to make appointments today Tuesday - Friday daily from 10am to 4pm. We will open for service May 16. Please don't all call at 10am as the phone line will sound busy or could go to voicemail, but do not leave a message. As per LA State regulations and guidelines for salons, all appointments will be screened over the phone for any Covid-19 type symptoms or if you've had contact with anyone with Covid-19. Upon arriving for your appointment, call 5047333133 from your vehicle and we will screen you again before entering. You will only be allowed in the salon if you have an appointment, so no friends, companions, or family members - this includes children. If they have their own appointment they will be screened individually. Reminder that you must wear a mask before entering. Your temp will be taken with and IR thermometer as you enter, if ok then you will head straight to wash your hands properly as per CDC guidelines. You will then sign in at the front desk for your service appointment. Your signature is required verifying that you have not had any Covid-19 symptoms in the past 72 hours or been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 in the past 14 days. This is required by the state and is there in case it's needed for contact tracing. If you already know you're feeling sick or cannot sign the form, please cancel your appointment with no penalty. If you are coughing, sneezing, feeling or looking sick, you will be asked to leave. Our staff will be screened daily as well. If any of you feel uncomfortable around a technician or another client please notify someone at the salon. The purpose of all this is to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 for the good of the community and allow us to continue to operate. We will eventually resume our normal appointment and walk-ins welcome policy. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We truly are all in this together and together we will get through it 😷
[05/11/20]   ***Edited July 2020: we are back to our normal walk-in and booking policy. See more recent posts *** Hello all ! We will be re-opening during phase 1 with a temporary appointment only policy. The appointment schedule will be opened for May 16 - June 5 only. We will later post a detailed announcement here on FB on when and how to book an appointment and what to expect. Do not message us thru FB or leave voicemails on our phone line. All appts. will be handled by our trained front desk crew over the phone so please do not message the technicians or stylists. We will try to accommodate everyone as best we can and look forward to seeing you soon 😷 Yes, we will be wearing masks. In consideration of each other, before entering the premises, you will be expected to wear one also. By now we should all be familiar with social distancing practices. Thanks for your cooperation.
[05/07/20]   From the time we opened Essential February 2007, we had immediate support, and continue to have it from the medical communityπŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈπŸ‘©β€βš•οΈπŸ₯πŸš‘, particularly nurses. We are grateful and honored. When we do re-open through the end of June, we will apply a special 10% off promo for the respiratory medical community on the front lines. This includes nurses, doctors, PAs, EMTs, and other respiratory care professionals. If we don't already know you as such, please identify yourself when checking in to make sure it's applied before checking out. It's one of our ways of saying thank you for all your efforts. We know it has been challenging 😷
[05/06/20]   For those that missed our Mother's Day πŸ‘© 🎁 and graduation πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ gift cards, we will do it again this Friday and Saturday 11am to 4pm. Please read the previous post for details. We are also getting a good number of calls asking, but we are not yet taking appointments. We will update next week once we may know a definite re-opening date. Any announcements will 1st be made on Facebook and we hope to see you soon 😷
[04/30/20]   We've had many inquiries asking about Mother's day and graduation gift cards. We certainly can't forget our Moms πŸ₯° and our graduates πŸŽ“ We will sell gift cards this Saturday May 2nd and Sunday May 3rd from 11am - 4pm. In keeping with LA state guidelines this will be CURB SIDE pick up. You can call the salon at (504) 733-3133 during those hours and if paying by cash let us know the amount and your name and we'll have it ready for you when you arrive to pick it up. If paying by credit card we can take payment over the phone and mail it to you on Monday. If for some reason you don't get your card in the mail in a few days contact the salon and we'll invalidate the gift card. Don't lose your gift card. Treat it like cash. Another option is to leave the gift card on file at the salon for you or someone else you designate to redeem it. One final option is paying by card at the salon and you can take your gift card with you. If coming to the salon let's practice safe 😷 physical social distancing. Please don't all come at once and crowd up in a line outside the door. If the phone line is busy please call us back after some time. Keep in mind we don't sell gift cards for actual services, but instead dollar amounts. Most popular amounts are $50, 75, and 100. Thank you for your patience and let's celebrate our loved ones.
[04/24/20]   Happy Friday ! Hope everyone is well during this crazy movie to which we didn't buy tickets. A quick short update as I'm sure we're all getting plenty of news. Governor Edwards and our parish president pretty much said salons will not be reopening during phase 1. All of us at Essential miss our clientele dearly and we are just as anxious as you, if not more, to reopen and get back to some sense or normalcy. Our governor said he would make some announcements next week. We will continue to make periodic updates on our FB page. Stay helathy 😷
Someone sent us this meme 🀣 Laughter is the best medicine ....
[03/26/20]   Hope everyone is staying safe. Looks like we will be shut down a bit longer than we had hoped or expected - possibly until at least 3rd week in April when salons may be allowed to reopen. As some of you have already done, here are 3 steps in removing your nail enhancements:

1. Buff off the shiny coat of your nails with a nail file.
2. Soak your nails in a glass bowl with acetone while watching TV. You can cover the bowl with a hand towel.
3. Periodically wipe your nails with paper towel as nails get gooey. Repeat this as needed while product dissolves. Patience.

Extra steps to speed up the proces: Put 3 ounces of acetone with paper towel in a plastic bag that won't melt into some heated water in your bowl. Use the paper towel inside the bag as you did in step 3.

Acrylic nails generally take longer than gel or dip. Do not force, pick, or pry your nails off. Let the acetone gradually dissolve the product. Please use 100% acetone.

Optional step: Polish with a clear coat or a regular color polish πŸ’…
[03/20/20]   We have been getting a lot of calls and questions asking if we're open ? Why aren't we open ? Can someone come do my hair, nails, lashes ? The simple answer is that it's impossible to comply with social distancing while performing these services. It would be profoundly irresponsible even if both parties appear healthy and asymptomatic. We should not and cannot take that chance. Health is more important. Professional beauty consultants and trade associations stress physical distancing. We feel responsible to do the right thing now that we know better. Please be patient and we will keep you posted. We are all in this together and as a united community we will bounce back like we did after Katrina !
[03/17/20]   At Essential the safety and well being of our staff and our clients are our top priority 😷 Because of this, after closing today, we will remain closed until further notice. It's the responsible thing to do. Our closing will likely parallel schools, theaters, and casino closings. When they are re-opening, we probably will also. We will post updates on our page. Take care, ❀ Essential Crew

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